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Tutor offers free homework tutoring sessions, live skills building, and even a writing lab to answer all your homework questions!

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Accelerated Reader is a software tool that assesses a student’s reading level, suggests titles of books at that level, and then assess whether a student has completed reading the book by asking a series of computerized quiz questions.

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NoveList K-8

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NoveList K-8 is a trusted source of read-alike recommendations specifically for younger readers. It helps kids find books that are just right for their reading level and interests. Parents, teachers, and librarians can also find tools to teach with books and engage young readers.

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Science Experiments

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The Socrates Learning Platform is an award-winning learning platform created in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Socrates uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning for each student, adjusting in real-time to their needs across over 2000 detailed topics of knowledge. Socrates makes learning fun through 18 gamification elements, encouraging children to learn and progress more. It also includes hundreds of learning videos aligned to standards.

Currently Socrates provides over 2 million questions in Math, English Language Arts, Sight Words, and Science for grades K-6, as well as Math through grade 8. Socrates includes a powerful educator command center that allows teachers or tutors to view where students need help, assign homework, print worksheets, test and benchmark, group students, and more.

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Tutor.com provides online, on-demand academic tutoring, homework help and test preparation to K-12th grade students, plus early college students and adult learners. Tutors are available in over 60 subjects and test prep areas and many resources, including the writing lab, are available 24/7. After creating an account through the library's portal you can also sign in to Tutor.com on apps for Apple and Android. Live tutoring is available 3 - 9 pm.

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Your child’s brain grows the fastest from birth through age 5! Helping them learn now gets them ready for school, friends, and life. With Vroom, it's easy to be a brain-builder. Whether you use the Vroom app, Vroom by Text™, Alexa, or even print at home, Vroom Tips can always be there when you need them. 1,000+ Vroom Tips, and the brain science behind them, are right at your fingertips!

World Book

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This website offers an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, homework help, study aids, and curriculum guides.

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