The Carson City Library welcomes your support through donations. Donations provide opportunities to enhance book and e-book collections and to fund programs and events that might otherwise be out of financial reach for the library to provide.

Donations of books and other physical materials are accepted by the Friends of the Carson City Library and should be brought to the Browsers Corner Bookstore.

Local authors are welcome to contact our collection development team at if they wish to provide donations of their own works for the library's collection.

The Library is unable to accept donations of ebooks or other e-content purchased for individual use.

Monetary Gifts for Library Collections

  • Magazine Sponsorship — Contact us to be added to our yearly periodicals sponsorship drive.
  • Book Sponsorships — Individuals or organizations are invited to work with our collections team to sponsor books.
  • Memorials — Make a memorial donation in honor of a friend, relative, or valued member of the community.

To contact the Collection Development team regarding donations to support the library's collections, please call 775-283-7599 or email

For more information see the section on Gifts in the Carson City Library Policy.


Donating to the Friends of the Carson City Library

The Friends of the Carson City Library accept donations of physical books, magazines, and audiovisual materials in good condition to be resold at the Browsers Corner Bookstore. Proceeds from these sales are used to support functions of the Carson City Library. A drive-up drop box is available in front of the store at 711 E. Washington St., across the street from the library.

For donations of materials larger than 3 boxes, please call 775-884-4043 and ask for the bookstore manager to make an appointment.

Browsers Corner
Friends of the Carson City Library

711 E. Washington Street
Carson City, NV 89701

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Friends of the Carson City Library Donation Rules:
  • If your donation is 3 or more boxes we would like you to please call and make an appointment to bring them in. This will allow us to spread out the large donations and give us time and space to process them, Please call the store at 884-4043 and ask to speak to the bookstore manager.
  • Please bring your donations in boxes or other containers that you do not need back. We don't have the space or the staff to unload multiple boxes while you wait.
  • Your smaller donations are welcome any time. During store hours (9:30 to 5 for the winter) bring them inside and give to person at the counter. During closed hours put them in the drop box. Do not leave any donations outside.
  • Please remember, we are selling used books. We are not a thrift store. We really appreciate your books, magazines, puzzles, games, movies and music, but we do not want any other types of donations. No household goods, clothing, furniture or equipment of any kind. There are several good thrift stores in town that will take these kinds of donations.
  • We sell gently used books, etc. So take a good look at your donation and if it is not in a condition that you would want to buy then we probably wouldn't sell it either. Put all of these unacceptable items in the same box and label it recycle only and we will gladly recycle it for you so you don't have to send it to the dump. This also goes for old, outdated textbooks and encyclopedias or reference books. These types of books cannot be sold, so we will recycle them for you. Again, put them all in a box and label it recycle only.