Library Cards

The Carson City Library issues three types of library cards: a Standard Library Card, a Premiere Library Card, and an Internet-Use-Only Library Card.

Standard Library Card

A Carson City Library card may be obtained at the Information Desk by completing the Carson City Library Card Application and presenting a valid Nevada picture ID. An out-of-state ID may be used; however, it must be accompanied by proof of residence in Nevada. Examples of proof of residence include mail addressed to the applicant, a rental receipt, or a utility bill.

The Carson City Library belongs to a consortium of libraries called the Nevada Library Cooperative. The Nevada Library Cooperative shares a library catalog and member database. A card issued by the Carson City Library will automatically be accepted at other Nevada Library Cooperative libraries. Due to a state-wide reciprocal borrowing agreement, a Carson City Library card also will be honored at public libraries across Nevada.

Premiere Library Card

A Premiere Library Card has all the privileges of a Standard Library Card but includes additional privileges when using the @Two Digital Learning Center. It is necessary for all teens wishing to use the @Two Digital Learning Center, Teen Portal, and Digital Craft Zone and to checkout equipment. Premiere Library Cards are required for adults wishing to use the Digital Craft Zone and checkout equipment. This card requires patrons to sign the Carson City Library Premiere Card Agreement concerning the rules of the space and acknowledgment of equipment cost and patron responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. Teens are required to have signed parental permission on the Carson City Library Premiere Card Agreement on file with Carson City Library staff. Applicants must live, work, volunteer or go to school in Carson City. Premiere Library Cards will be issued at the Information Desk.

To receive a Premiere Library Card one must bring to the Information Desk, a filled out Premiere Library Card Application (with parent signature for 14-17 year old high school students), a valid photo ID or high school ID, and have a library card in good standing for a minimum of 90 days (meaning no fines, fees, overdue or late items). To check out digital equipment one must maintain a library card in good standing.

Internet-Use-Only Library Card

The library also offers an Internet-Use-Only Library Card. This card allows access to the library's public Internet and word processing computers only, and cannot be used to borrow library materials. No ID is required to obtain an Internet-Use-Only Library Card.

Apply Online

To apply for a library card online click on the link below. Select Carson City Library, enter your postal code, and click on continue. Complete the required fields and submit. You will need to complete the process in person at the Carson City Library to obtain a library card. Make sure to bring a valid photo ID.