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PSA Freshman Project

Hands On Learning - Providing Real World Experiences

Rebecca Kitchen, from KOLO Channel 8, Kirk Caraway, from Carson Now, Terri Vance, from the Nevada Appeal, Sena Loyd, Carson City Library Director and Tasha Fuson, Carson High School Principal reviewed twenty of the best submissions from the more than 150 projects created. The panel that included local professional journalists and broadcasters, judged the competition Tuesday, December 9. Two best PSA's will air at the Galaxy Theater for a one-month run in March on the big screens in Carson City.

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The Digitorium

Come and explore the new ways Carson City Library can help students, their families, and formal educators with essential library services and resources.

Inside the Carson City Library lies a space designated to help improve the digital media production and online literacy skill of freshman high school students, teens (14-17 years of age), Carson City School District teachers and classes, and Carson City Library Adult patrons.

This space is called the Digitorium.

What is inside the Digitorium?

  • 20 Mac Book Pros Computers with Microsoft Office, Adobe Premier/Photoshop Elements, and iMovie
  • High Speed Internet and WiFi
  • Video cameras
  • Projector
  • iPads
  • Canon Cameras
  • Poster Printing
  • Sound Booth
  • Green Screen

Function of the Digitorium

School–related programs and projects

  • Reserved for priority use by Carson High Freshmen funded by the LSTA Grant
  • High school students (14-17 years of age)
  • Secondary school teachers and their classes

Student Digital Portfolios

  • Provide out-of-school time guided technology assistance.

Student-Related Project

  • All Freshmen Students
    • Creating a Public Service Announcement (Subject TBA)
      • Lessons 1-4 will be taught at the High School
      • Lessons 5-8 will be conducted in the Digitorium

Student Digital Portfolios

  • E-Portfolio
    • Develop individual learning plan for all students from Grades 6 to 12
    • Portfolio development and Career exploration to satisfy graduation requirements and CTE pathways
    • 4-year education planning for college readiness:
      • Course selection, college research and financial aid resources, submitting e-transcripts and compatibility with PowerSchool

Digitorium Hours

Adult Premiere Library Card holders may use the space by appointment (use above PDF) only and as the calendar allows.